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April in Review... Quite Late I know

Kind of late to do this in the middle of March, but I want to keep track of my progress as the months go on.

Looking back I see that I did not complete a lot of things. April was a month of experiments. I did a bunch of playing with resin. I really enjoyed it and I hope that I can show you guys some new products by the end of March.

I completed one painting, the one with the heart and gold thread. I also worked on a bunch of digital drawings. I started a bunch of things, that have yet to be finished.

I suffered a bit of a motivational decline towards the end of the month, which I am not going to go into. However it did cause the one good creation of the month. (heart image.) I did perk right back up when I found that I would be able to be a vendor at Crypticon (see previous blog post.)

This week I have been working on new stuff.

I am keeping a few of the new creations a secret. If you want to see them you will have to wait until AFTER Dark in the Park next month. Yep, I am making you guys wait.

I have a few other projects that are getting under way. I just got the last of my resin molds. I am excited to see what cool stuff I can do with those.

I also acquired a copy of Microsoft Movie Maker. I no longer have to spend multiple days editing a short video. There is a new video today!!

That is pretty much all I have to write about today.

I will have stuff for next week in a more timely manner, not that my motivation is back.. and Movie Maker!

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