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May In Review

Wow, we are already in June!


May was really busy. I created 10 new paintings this May, plus a bunch of experiments. Most of these creations are not going to be "released" until the end of June or early July. I have an event that I want to have some unique and new stuff for.

On top of being a vendor at Crypticon,

I did six "secret" gouache creations, three ink wash paintings (Cheshire Cat, Eel Mermaid, and Thank You flower boquet,) and A large version of "Starry Tacoma Night."

I am extra excited for my next event, Dark in the Park, in Pacific Washington. It is a three day creepy outdoor event running from July 13 - July 15. Three days of awesome creepiness out doors. I am so excited. I have been working on things to sell that are not just prints of my work.

I edited the video for the Large Version of "Starry Tacoma Night" for your viewing pleasure. I did it in Windows Movie Maker. I have found that I can do my "horizontal/landscape" oriented videos in Movie Maker, so expect a few more. I noticed I do not have many. A lot of my art is "vertical/portrait" oriented. I will have to work on that.

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