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Music & Art in Wright Park Review

I have not done much new art the past week. It it time for a recharge of my creative juices. That means I will be (have been) reading a lot, watching some movies and televison shows, cleaning, and thinking about what I want to create next.

This past weekend I was a vendor at Music & Art in Wright Park (MAWP to those that have been before.) I did this event last year, and I can say things went WAY better this year. Last year I squeeked by selling enough to cover the booth fee. This year I blew that out of the water. I did not sell any originals, but the stickers and bookmarks did well.

The weather was crazy. It rained and got a bit windy. Rain is not great to have when you sell things that are paper based. My canopy / gazebo thing is missing its top, I was not even going to bring it, but heard that it was going to rain. Instead of the top it is supposed to have I ended up using a tarp, that was two fee two short on one end. It also sagged between the spots where it was tied to the frame. Water kept running down onto the tables, or was being blown onto the tables. There was not a lot I could do about it. I moved as much as I could out of the rain and the wind, but things were still damp.

We (the art and myself) came out alright, no perminant damage, and I made some money.

One of the coolest random things, I was in booth 13! Mwahahahaha, that made me so happy.

My next event is not until Fall, so a few months away. I do hope I can find a few small ones to do before the year ends. If you know of any I am interested.

I listed a bunch of things on Etsy (this is a link) this week. Mostly bookmarks, but I want to add some of my one off art originals. The things I painted at Dark in the Park and MAWP. Keep an eye on my Etsy and see if there is something you had your eye on shows up. If it does not ask me about it. We will work something out.


This week's video is for Graces Escape (aka Pandora's Box.) I talk about the story and where I ended up going with it. I enjoyed painting this one a lot. I even enjoyed doing the voice over for the video, shocking! That being said I hope you enjoy it.

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