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January in Review: Where Have I Been?

Long time no see!

Usually I type my posts in a text editor. This helps me get things in order and see how LONG things are going to be. This was extra long, so I will do it in two posts, one this week and one next week. The important businessy stuff will be this week, and the more personal stuff will be next week.

Now lets get to it!

  • Business and Art Plans for 2019:

  • This year I am not sure what direction to go in.

  • I could focus on art and get better, only doing a few (very few) vendor events.

  • I could also focus on vending and expanding my network.

  • I just do not know where I want to go. I am seriously leaning towards just making art and getting better. Money is tight and I have been extra slow to work on the business end of things already.

  • I understand that I can change my focus in the middle of the year. Focus on art till the summer, then throw money and effort at doing events. There are to many options, and I just do not know. The more I talk about where I want to go this year, the less I know what I want to do. I keep seeing new pros and cons for each option, plus more options present themselves.

  • Happy Goth Art delays… ok not really delays. I just have not been motivated to spend much time on my computer and focus on doing the business end of stuff. Doing the web stuff is time consuming and tedious and I do not want to do it right now. I am not even going to say that I will have it up and running by March or April or Crypticon because I am not sure I can make myself. I would rather be .....

  • Making ART! WOOOOOOooOoooOo…..

  • I spend a lot of time the past two weeks making random art. I have attached some of the art below. The art is not even creepy! I did a bunch of random colorful things. The weather was kinda gloomy (when is it not in the Northwest?) and I wanted some color. The nice thing about these is I did not have to put a ton of effort into thinking what they were going to be. They flowed out so nicely. It was great to have a break from serious art for a while.

  • I recently stopped my subscription to Adobe and I have yet to find software that will reliably stitches images together. Some of the ones I have tried do alright, some are terrible, but none do as good as Photoshop (so far.) I have not given up! I will get the stuff all stitched together properly so I can get prints for you awesome people.

  • Suggestions are welcome! As long as it is free or cheap.

Here is the art I created (that did not need to be stitched together) for you. Photos do not do the peacock or rose justice. They look so much nicer in person.

These are for sale! Send me an email or contact me via social media (Instagram and Twitter @bycarissac Facebook is art by carissa.) These are approximatly 10x7 us inches, the heart is a bit larger and the chameleon is about 2x4 inches. I am thinking the median price is going to be $40 USD.

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