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January in Review: Part 2

This is part two of my January 2019.

In my previous post I went over most of the important art businessy stuff. It is the previous post if you are interested (I could not figure out how to get it to link properly here.)

  • The full-time temp job ended right before MLK day in January. It was hard for me to get back into a routine where I could create art. I had a really bad bout with insomnia for a over a week after. I was getting pretty weird (for me.) I finally got a good sleep and found my art groove.

  • I am looking for some part-time work, but no call backs yet.

  • It is never fun to be looking for a job. My self-esteem always takes a huge hit. This in turn affects the art I create (or in many cases) end up NOT creating. There is a fine line between being in a good place to create art and either being to happy or to sad to create anything. Being an artist person is weird.

  • Money is tight since I am looking for work. Which means I have to create art with what I already have.

  • It is a lot really. Pencils, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, watercolor, gouache, inks, pen, and even fancy paper. I have things to work with, just not really what I "want" to work with when I have an idea.

  • I have been working on being more social with my friends. I am not huge into "resolutions" but I do think that everyone can improve themselves. One of the things I am working on is being more social and trusting people with the 'Real Me' instead of a version that has been altered for the viewers enjoyment.

  • Being social helps so many aspects of my life; new ideas for art, keep up on my people skills, get out of the house, build bridges that will help when a need arises, and (my favorite) getting new view points and learning about new things!

  • Trying new things, and/or things that I have not done in a long time. I would like to do lots of new things and add to my exerpiances so they will improve my art. Some things I want to do require money (damn it) but others just require my time and a little bravery.

  • Bravery needing activites: Going and doing new things solo, finalizing a few things that I have been putting off (getting my art into local businesess and other networking opportunities,) and being more genuine in my interactions.

  • A life time of being an introvert has conditioned me to put up the most inoffensive bits of me forward and hide other bits. It is an ongoing struggle to be make sure I have a genuine me vs a cultivated version.

  • Money needing activities: Taking classes and some day trips to local areas. Get my driver's liscence! Do some of the more expensive art events! Such as Taste of Tacoma, Fremont and Seattle events.

  • I would love to take some life drawing classes, I need to practice those techniques more.

Growing as a person and artist is important and to do that you need to practice all kinds of skills. Things that seem simple (like talking to people and going NEW places alone) can be hard and scary. It takes practice to be able to do them and not have an anxiety attack or something similar.

You can see some of the things I am trying in my art. Like the Jellyfish and how detailed the Phantom of the Opera painting is.

These are for sale! This batch is going to average $80 USD each. The ink wash ones are 9x12 inches and the Jellyfish is 10x14 inches. Send me a message via Instagram, Facebook or via this website. I respond pretty quickly.

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