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ECCC is happening, and other things

I am writing this the night before a crazy weekend.

Emerald City Comicon is happening, over St. Patrick's Day weekend. There are a lot of new things happening with the show this year. Making it even more crazy that usual. I work as a Minion (what the customer facing staff are called, we like it.)

I have been getting some cool stuff ready for the Alexandria RPG Library. I got two shirt designs up! Check them out and spport a really cool cause.

I also got a job!

It is a nice part-time that will leave me with enought time to do arty things also. Horray! I will still have to use my time better than I have been. This also means I will have some money to throw at art things, like getting prints and paying for tables at events.

I am sort of working on a "February in Review" blog post. I have not been motivated to scan the last batch of things so I can share them with you. I have also been working on getting going. I have to edit two more pages before it will be ready to go.

Check out and get a hoodie or t-shirt. All the proceeds go directly to the library to help it expand and help more people.

Buy prints so I can make more art that you like. Sales of items let me know what you enjoy. This helps me be motivated to create more of that kind of art.

I am still open for commissions! Contact me, and we can create something really cool together.

That is all the news I have right now.

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