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So Not Ready!

I am super excited for Crypticon this year. I have so much new stuff to display my art and I think that my setup is much better. I try to always be growing and getting better at things. I look forward to seeing everyone and getting feedback.


I am excited and nervous. Honestly, I am pretty much always nervous when I do events. I kind of feel like a weird mix of extrovert and introvert.

I really want to talk to people about hobbies, pop culture, and EVERYTHING. I am also really nervous to talk about those things... because I am sooo not in the loop. When I changed my focus to art I stopped doing all kinds of things, like watching TV, and playing video games. I stopped a lot of the things that distracted me from art, in favor of more art time.

I do not watch much television, or movies. When I do it is stuff to turn off my brain. Foresnsic Files, British murder mystery shows and weird foreign stuff. I am slowing going through a Russian show called Sniffer. It is interesting and weird.

I do not read popular books and have a habit of not finishing series that are more that 3 or 4 books long. I still read a lot, just nothing popular.... actually, I have not read in awhile. Does Webtoons count? Anyone read "The Strange Adventures of Oscar Zahn" or "Lore Olympus"?

I have not played video games in a serious manner in years... I have a few on my cell phone that I play while on the bus going places... buuuut nothing popular. No Pokemon or anything like that. I have some matching games and a few zombie games.

I am so much in my own little world, I am not even sure what is popular among the art community. Mermay? no time, I am working on something else already. Drawthisinyourstyle? Ummmmm.... I have a style? FaceYourArt? Yeah, not really interested in drawing faces (working on it.) Inktober and Drawlloween are fun, but that is about the only thing I do.

Oh! I listen to music! All kinds of music. I am really enjoying Seeed right now (newer stuff not the reggae.) If you know any really fun music please tell me!

Yes, I really want to talk to you. I just have NO IDEA what is popular anymore. Doing art and arty things has pretty much consumed my life and brain powers. I am open to suggestions about things though.

Now onto things that I am kind of freaking out about. I am a planner and not having everything ready a week in advance is stressing me out.


Tomorrow is day 1 of Crypticon.

I am soooo not ready.

Things I need to do the morning before I leave to set up my booth at Crypticon Seattle.

1. pick up prints

2. cut prints (I got a nice paper cutter for my birthday!)

3. put prints in baggies

4. pack prints

5. Make sure I have EVERYTHING ready (can't forget the card reader!)

6. Shower and get dressed... you would think that is first, but nope. Though I probably will be showered and dressed before I leave the house to get my prints.

Why so much at the last minute?

Mostly money and a little of people not getting back to me in a timely manner. UGH.

Always waiting on people.

I am sure I will be fine. I am just freaking out a little bit.


I have so many more things to sell. I have stickers and a surprise new product. I can't wait to show everyone.


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