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Early Summer Happenings

Yaay summer...

Not really.

Summer is generally hot. Most homes and offices in the NW do not have Air Conditioning. With the way the climate is changing it sucks big time. My allergies are also worse during the summer. All the grasses are growing and spreading their evil pollen around. The cats shed and the level of pet dander increases exponentially.

Things are unusual right now. Strange and unorganized. I don't like it. I would like to have some kind of dependable schedule. I would like to have some sense of stability in my daily routines. Maybe not the physical aspects of my day but the emotional aspects.

Consistent turmoil sucks my energy and then I have a hard time creating. Adding the summer heat does not help much. I have spent my "free" time, the time I try to allot to art, "resting" or putting out proverbial fires. Mostly watching TV, hiding away, avoiding the heat, and eating WAY to much.

Looking at these words I am inclined to think that I might be sliding back into depression, which is not good. It looks like I will be setting some appointments soon.

My laptop died a few weeks ago. I am waiting for my new laptop to arrive. I have been using a dinky netbook for the past 4-5 years. I got it when an Office Supply store closed its physical store locations. My new one is going to be a small gaming laptop. It should be faster and easier to make videos and do digital editing on my paintings. Hooray!

I have created a few paintings this past month. I finished a giant dogwood, that glows in the dark. I am excited about it. I even framed it!

I have two paintings as visual representations of Depression. I have a few more in my brain that want to be let out. It is just going to take time, since my schedule is... well, it is going to take some time.

I am averaging a 9x12 painting every 10 days or so, right now. I have only been able to get in an hour a day, maybe 3-4 hours on the weekends. I think the good thing is that I am creating art and not letting it get all backed-up in my head.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the creepy ones. @bycarissac will have some pics of the dogwood. I will be scanning these and sharing the nice versions soon.

Also, Dark in the Park is next weekend July 12-14. I will be there, and it will NOT be crazy hot this year! I will be bringing some framed originals. Even the glow in the dark dogwood, it is HUGE!

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