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Long Time No Art :(

It has been over a month since I posted anything!


What have I been up to?

Honestly not much.

In July I had an event called Dark in the Park. I did it last year and chose to make it one of the few I did this year. I spent a good week or so getting ready for it. No art happened during that time.

The following week was kind of recovery.

**Life information for context ** I have someone living in my house (a housemate of sorts.) He is an alcoholic (trying to be sober) and I have spent much of my time dealing with his... issues, to be nice. While dealing with his stuff I did not have the motivation to do any art. Though I have started doing started things to keep/get myself healthy-er.


1. I am going to the gym 4 days a week! I weighed myself the day I got my membership, 199lbs! Wholy crapola! Time to get to work on that. No wonder I feel that I have no stamina and have trouble walking as much as I want. (If you want me to log the journey I can, I had no intention to though.)

2. I am making sure I do things alone. I took myself on a movie date (John Wick 3.) It was lovely and I had fun.

3. Hanging out with people I like. I went to the Venardos Circus and painted pottery with people. It was nice to do fun things like that. I have things I want to do in August. The Ren Faire in Bonney Lake and I want to rent a kayak and paddle around the Sound. I would prefer to do it with someone, but I am totally willing to do it solo.

I have been slowly, so extremely slowly, cleaning up my mess of a house. I took some art supplies to Tinker Topia in Tacoma, and have been chipping away at the masses of things that need to go to Goodwill. If I have enough I might see if I can get Big Blue Truck to pick it up for donation to Value Village (not quite how it works but close enough.)


Today I even had the motivation to edit the art I created in late June and July! These are from me dealing with the Alcoholic housemate's issues. Bad feelings can make some amazing art.

The one with the hands is called "Help," it will be available in legal size (8.5x14) or larger. It looks terrible smaller. The one with the clown is "Mad Puppeteer. Also available in the legal size or larger. The one with the pig is "Little Piggy." It will be 8x10 and larger. I am only going to print these as they are ordered. So do not expect them to show up at events (unless I get a request to have them.)

I am not doing anymore shows this year, probably...

I am going to work on art, the house and yard, and getting into some kind of shape that will allow me to do the things I want and need to do.

I hope to be posting more as I get into some kind of good mindset. Stay tuned.

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