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Inktober Once Again!

Well, Hello there.

'Tis time for me to do lots of drawing. Lots of drawing.

Make sure you are following me on Facebook @happygothart, to see my daily live Inktober drawing sessions.


I will share my drawings in the middle of the month and at the end, per usual.

This year I am doing the official Inktober list. Why?

I have been super busy with... not arty things, that I haven't had time to properly prep for Inktober. Using a premade list is one less thing for me to worry about. Plus, I have never done the list before. I have already seen some amazing variation in drawings for day 1's prompt, ring.


I should also share the art I did do in September.

Simple is the key for me right now. Just doing simple art and keeping up with some sort of output has been the goal this fall. Not arty things are sucking up my time. It takes time to create really cool things.

Have a great October!

I will see you in 15 days with a progress report on my Inktober.

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