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August 2022... Recovery from a lot of work

August was super busy. I am sure I said this in the last blog post.

Week 1: GenCon, driving to and from, 2 of 4 people getting covid, and it was just so hot and humid (such an insane time.)

Week 2: I had a few days "off," in which I had the thought of doing laundry, dishes, and other chores.

Week 3: Then it was Emerald City ComicCon. This went much smoother, with the proper amount of staff and no illnesses. Traveling to local events is always easier, so that made the event less stressful. I broke my 25mm button maker mould during day 1 of ECCC, and I am having a heck of a time getting a replacement that fits the machine. I am probably going to have to dump money into getting a new one just for the 25mm.

Week 4: I took this week off from Library stuff. This week was DragonFlight. I was able to stream, do chores, and even finish something!!

The first week in September was PAX West. It went fine. I was able to stream walking around the show, which was fun. I am not really into the PAX experience, lines to play demos... Streaming was a good way to get me out and looking at things.

I have been trying really hard to make time to create art. I try to squish a few minutes here and there to do sketches, or just think about the best way to make something work for me.

I have been thinking about trying out oil painting for almost a year. I even bought a tiny set of cheap oil paints, cheap brushes, mineral spirits, and other things needed.

This week I busted them out and actually am trying to paint with them. I am not sure how I feel about them yet. They do take a lot of getting used to. There are also so many methods you can use to create the painting that you want. I am in the phase of trying things out to see what will work for me.

I hope to have something to show in a few weeks.

This coming week I will be planning out Inktober on stream. The idea is to do a 31-page / panel comic centering around a Sir Lemon, a lemon that happens to be a knight. Each prompt will be something that Sir Lemon has to interact with or be a part of a story. We were able to flesh out a bit of the story this past week, and I am excited to do something that is really out of my comfort zone.

Maybe October will be a month of growth in my skills.

Here are some things that I have been working on, a snap of PAX West and the Inktober 2022 prompt list. I really want to create some kind of background for the peacock. I didn't like anything that I came up with, but that doesn't mean I will not.

I am still working on the heaven & hell digital painting. I am really happy with how it is coming.

David waving to us from PAX West.

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