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Gearing up for Crypticon Seattle 2022!

Last weekend was Sakura-Con. I went as a Librarian with Alexandria RPG. It was stressful, as many new things are. I really enjoyed the percentage of people that were in some sort of cosplay. It was high.

Crypticon is about a month away. I have been spending the majority of 2021 doing things for the library. That means I don't really have anything NEW of my own for Crypticon this year. I am aiming to have some new acrylic paintings, at different price points, available. I bought some fluorescent paints and have been having a blast with them.

I have been working on a digital painting. Hubby took some really cool pictures at Chornobyl during his deployment to Ukraine last year. I picked out a few that I can make a bit creepier. Liminal Spaces have been interesting me a lot lately and I want to do some art around that idea.

I almost forgot!

My Twitch community knocked it out of the park and we were able to do an 8hr stream. We read some terrible book excerpts from r/menwritingwomen and r/badwomensanatomy. It was amazing. I was not sure I would be able to make it through 8 hours, but I did it and it was a blast.

Thank you to everyone who supported me.

The next stream is going to be "Fake Metal Band Names" and cover art ideas. I have indicated that I might be doing this on an energy drink... Scarry!

In personal news; I have been doing really well since I visited the doctor. I had low levels of a few essential vitamins and minerals. This was making it hard for me to muster the necessary energy to do anything. I am now exercising regularly and monitoring my diet. Less sugar and more veggies and proteins. It is so nice to have energy and not rely on sugary foods to make it through the day.

I am reaching my weight loss and health goals. Changing things you have been doing for years is hard. Keeping some kind of balance is challenging. If I am having a good day I just want to exercise and walk all day. On days I am not feeling it I just want to stay in bed and do nothing.

I am glad to say I have been able to move from workouts designed for people that have physical restrictions or the elderly. I am able to keep up with moderate low-impact workouts. Soon I think I will be comfortable going to the gym and swimming or doing free-weights. I don't know if "fall" is soon to most people, but it is to me with how busy things have been.

Here are the majority of the Ooozy styles that I did. They were fun but didn't leave me with much time to work on other things.

Look for a post around mid-May with pics of all the paintings I have been able to finish.

Thank you for your support and attention.

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