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July & August 2022 Updates

I have no clue where July and August went...

Things have been busy.

In July I was a vendor at Art on the Ave in Tacoma. Things change and we have to adapt. This year Art on the Ave did not block off the street. The vendors were on the sidewalks near businesses that were participating. This did not deter the community! So many people came out and supported the artists that chose to vend. It was amazing.

I have not really had the focus to work on art over the past few months. We (Hubby and I) have been troubleshooting house issues (lawn maintenance, broken appliances, minor emergency-type things.) Normal day-to-day things that end up being not important when you have large projects going on. We have had a lot of larger projects going on with the Alexandria RolePlaying Game Library.

The last week of July Hubby and I drove to Indianapolis for GenCon. I had every intention of doing a stream, but there just never seemed to be a decent time, or we were not in the right head space, or the cell signal would get iffy. Things really went "pear-shaped" at GenCon and I did not have the time, energy, or mental capacity to do anything other than survive.

GenCon: We took 4 days to drive to Indianapolis. The drive was uneventful. No major issues. The roads and the number of gas stations along the roads have improved a lot since I last went on a cross-country drive. It was SO HOT and HUMID! This made unloading a gross mess.

We had 4 core "staff" members for this event, two for the morning and two for the evening. Two of our team got COVID... I spent most of my time just doing the best I could to make sure that we (the Alexandria RPG Library) were able to fill our role within the show. There wasn't any support from the show, so we just had to make do with the two people we had standing.

The most stressful part was loading the vehicle back up after the show. Hot, Humid, two people, a hotel luggage cart with flat tires, and a looong way to go to get to the loading dock.

The drive back was uneventful and really nice. We made good time and got back in 3 days.

Emerald City ComicCon:

I always enjoy ECCC. This year was a bit stressful as we only had three people as core "staff." Thursday and Friday were tough, Hubby had to work and I had to "open" the event. Meaning I needed to get up really early to ensure I got to Seattle on time. I did make time to see the show and chat with some friends on Saturday and Sunday.

Oh and I broke my 1in button maker mould. I had to buy a new one. The buttons were flying off the shelf and we ran out Friday evening.

The Rest of August:

I will be working on art stuff and Alexandria RPG Library paperwork. I have been so busy just getting by I have not been able to deal with anything "extra." The paperwork is really important and needs to be done. I need to do mine next.

At the end of August, I will be at PAX West with the Alexandria RPG Library.

I honestly do not know when I will be able to focus on art. I really need and want to. I have so many awesome ideas. I need time to practice with oils. I need time to get back into the mindset of creating daily. I need time to exercise and be able to prepare healthy food. So much needs time, and right now it is in high demand.

I do not have any art for this post.

Check out my social media for the handful of photos I took.

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