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Post Crypticon 2022

This year was AMAZING!

I brought two large ticket items, The Maw II and Skelepin. They both sold!

I paid for a larger 8x8ft space. I always have to much stuff to display, which causes problems with people seeing what is actually there. With the larger space, I was able to hang a lot of original art on a "wall" as well as on a table. There was enough space for things to be seen and also space for the customer's eyes to process what they had seen. I also had some space for prints and stickers. They were not my top sellers, but they were not crowding the originals and had their own space to exist.

This picture is from 2018, my first Crypticon. There is almost NO empty space on this table. I even borrowed some of the walls that my neighbor set up.

This is my space, right after setting up this year, 2022. There is a lot more empty space on the tables and the walls. Space for eyes to take a break and prepare for the next bit of amazing art input.

This extra space investment was 100% worth it for me. I would not have been able to bring the Maw II, or display all the art on the wall.

I also had space to walk around and move. I did have space for a chair, that tiny space by the table with the gray graveyard cloth. It was out of the way and mostly kept me out of the way so people could see everything on the wall.

I already applied for 2023, the same sized space. I need to work my ass off to have a few big-ticket items for sale. I already have some ideas, thanks to several idea fairies that I was able to talk to.

I was super nervous about this year. I did not make any new prints, I did not think I had as much new art as I thought I did, and I did not get to pack and do a real inventory until the last minute. I still didn't have a real inventory for this year. The sale of so many originals was a huge validation of the value of my original art and ideas. Having an inventory is what you are "supposed" to have, but if you log sales correctly you should be alright. I have updated my website for the prints, stickers, and notebooks that did sell, so I should be fine.

I don't NEED prints to make my booth fee, people were willing to pay for an original. I am so amazed and excited.

This is the first event where I feel my art really paid for itself AND I would be able to support myself with art.

I will be keeping it up!

If you have never seen me in person, here is a photo of what I, mostly, look like.

I put effort into my dress this year. I am still working on getting fit and healthy. I want to be able to shlep my art on my own. I need to be stronger and have more stamina and that will take time and effort.

I do wish my allergies would chill out so I can wear makeup. Eye shadow is fun and an art in itself.

See you next year, Crypticon!

I am still streaming on Twitch on Wednesdays at noon. I am also trying to stream on Friday's, doing watch parties. Come hang out and chat with me :)

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