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June 2022 Updates

June has been busy and full of overwhelming times. In chronological order!

On June 5th I was a live painter during an art market. I go there way late, and didn't finish the project, but it is a really cool concept. I plan on having the project finished by mid July, for the Art of the Ave on Tacoma. Pics are below. Check out Julia's art on Instagram @juliajosephine920. She is such a gem of a person.

I was able to hang out with some friends on the weekends, ones that I don't get to chat with often. It is always nice to chat with people. I made a trip up to Seattle for one of them and walked a lot, about 8 miles total! It took me a few days to recover after that one. I had not been doing much long walk prep, my stamina was not quite up to snuff.

In addition to this, I have been doing pretty well at exercising. I feel better and I do not look like an over-stuffed sausage anymore. My shirts fit better! My priority right now is to get into better shape. This means I have been putting more energy into making sure I eat better / aka decently and exercise. This does mean I am slower at creating art.

I helped setup and was a live painter at an event in Puyallup. There was so much walking!! SO MUCH WALKING!! The trail segment we were on was about a mile long. I must have walked it 5 or 6 times during set up and tear down. Plus the standing and squatting I did while I worked on the painting.

Photos are of the uniform I have been working (with Julia J) to paint. It has been taking forever. It is a challenge to paint.

I took a break from my duties with Alexandria RPG Library. Between taking care of the house, TRYING to get some art done, taking care of myself, work, and being a supportive spouse, I was just overwhelmed. I keep trying to pull back a little more every month, so I can work on my projects, but it keeps sucking me back in. It is a real time sink for me, too much for a volunteer thing.

I have been working on cleaning out one of the basement rooms to move my studio into. I am hoping it will be done this week. It is amazing what you hide in a space. We have not really been down in this room in over 5 years and many of the boxes have not been opened in 10 + years. There are so many boxes that are basically garbage, and tons of things that we have replaced.

I had to buy a dehumidifier it is damp in this room. I got one with an air purifier, basements are dusty. I am excited to become a basement troll!

Here are some pics from my walks, and the super cool brain bowl I bought from Katt Splat at Crypticon <3.

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