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May Flowers?

What a busy end of April.

I am not sure I remember everything that happened, even with the aid of my planner.

I finished the Alien painting prompt from The Story Engine cards. I also finished repainting the giant painting for my brother-in-law. I completed a Year of the Ox AND Cinco de Mayo digital art. I delivered an art order (yaay and thank you!) I also got a new commission, a cat with sugar skull-like paint on it. I did place a nice big order with Sticker Mule. I cannot wait to show off what comes in.

In personal news; I had a birthday AND my 18th wedding anniversary.

I did a birthday Twitch stream and we painted some fun 'tiny paintings." The Staypuft Marshmallow Man was the favorite of the day. My Mom came and hung out with me for a few days over my birthday weekend. We walked a lot. I have never shown her around my neighborhood. People came over a few weeks ago and we started clearing out my garage. I need to do a dump run so I can schedule another cleaning session.

I have been running low on energy lately. I am taking a few days off from streaming on my art channel. I will still be streaming on the Library channel, though I would like to be able to find someone to take those over some of the days.

Here is this post's gallery! What a busy two weeks.

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