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Yes, I turned the digital art into stickers.

I am super excited to have some fun products for my digital art creations. Well, something that will last longer than doing the masks.

This is only the first round of stickers. I will be ordering more each time I am financially able to. Expect more stickers and more digital art.

I updated the store so you can purchase the stickers and most of the masks with ease. Let me know if something is confusing or weird. I want to ensure my store is easy to use.

I have done some traditional art. Most of it is part of a secret project, so I am not sharing it until they are all done and ready to be shared. Here are some of the quick ones I have scanned.

In other news...

2020 is still happening.

The west coast is on fire and the east coast is flooding. The central states? I hear it is a mix of all the weather; snow, fire, water, and wind? I am not sure.

I do have a vague idea of what is happening in my little corner of the world. It involves really bad air, bad allergies, being stuck inside, and rigging a fan into an air filter.

I am used to the allergies, they suck, but I am doing the best that can be done with them. The air though... It is worse to be stuck inside with bad air than with the previous reason to be stuck inside. It is easy to acquire PPE for virus protection. It is also easy to just not get near people. I could do all that. I do not have the ability to live in a full high-level hazmat suit (not that I could afford one.)

I have lost a few days due to fuzzy head issues.

Everyone is my household is doing fine. Like almost everyone else, we are frustrated with how things are.

To help I am significantly reducing the amount of social media I use. My feeds are not as bad as many other people's feeds, but I still find myself unhappy with how I am doing or comparing myself and my progress to other people's. That is not a great thing to be doing with the way the world is right now. You can send me messages via the website(s,) FB Messenger, IG DM or hang out with me on Twitch! I stream Tuesday and Thursday 4PM Pacific until 7PM-ish. Occasionally there is a bonus stream if I am working on something that I want to share.

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