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Well, 2020 has been Innnnteresting...


It has been another few months since I have done a blog post.

2020 has made quite a surprise turn. I think that pretty much everyone can agree with that.

I have been keeping busy since I have been working from home.

  • I am live streaming on Facebook every week day at 7pm PDT.

  • I have 4, yes FOUR, projects in the works. One is a secret ;) You can find pictures of the others on my social media.

  • I have been going for walks and doing my part to stay healthy. I wear a mask and wash my hands. I really just only go outdoors for exercise.

  • I have been learning how to get set up to do YouTube live! Soon, soon. I am waiting on a cable. I ordered it over a week ago off one day it will arrive. If it is much longer I will order one for pickup at a store. Plus if I can get this to work I can stream on Twitch, something that people have been asking me to do for a while.

  • I have also been doing some embroidery! It is really nice to make a significant change in mediums. I have been doing tests with the logo for Happy Goth Art, which looks pretty cool. I have a few ideas for other things that I want to embroider.

Here are some of my creations that I have done since my last post.

If you want to keep up with my current projects, check out my Facebook live streams. It is really fun to chat with everyone.

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