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Commissions are OPEN!

With the lack of interest in people actually purchasing my art, in addition to some other matters, I have begun to look for a part time job. There are bills to pay!

I would rather live off my art. I have so much fun creating things, especially for other people. I can wear comfy cloths, listen to whatever music or shows I want. There is less temptation to eat to escape or shut down emotionally and mentally. I can start and end whenever I choose (I am better at working between 6pm and 2am.) I do not have to worry about getting to and from on the bus. Those are just the things I can thing of.

Times seem to be financially tough for a lot of people. The money people are spending is on things that instantly gratify them, or whoever they are shopping for. This means things with a product you can eat or touch are selling better than strictly visual things.


Recently I was able to complete a commission. I loved working on it. It pushed my boundaries, made me try new things, and focus on detailed line work over color and shading. I hope I can get more commissions like this. I also want to improve on how I draw people. I have gotten permission from a few friends to use their likeness to practice. It would be great if other people would commission some “selfie” portraits from me.

I am in a bit of a pragmatic, more negative, mood today. I just discovered I sent out an OLD resume to several postings. I feel a bit like an idiot. Some of the messages I sent out were missing words, because I was not focusing. Just shotty work over all. I doubt I will hear back from them. I am not sure if I am happy about that or not.

I am working on something for an event in November. I will be doing some abstract superhero art. I will be at an event in August and working on something for September. I am hopeful things will work out. The negativity monster says to give up and crawl into bed.

Commissions are open. Send me a message and we can work out what you would like. I have a wide range of techniques and skills. I know I can create amazing art, no matter the subject.

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