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Knock on Wood

Yesterday (Wednesday) started out pretty well.

The good started on Tuesday. I got paid for PAX (earlier than expected -WOOT) and paid for my part time gig. I was able to plan out how to take care of some bills.

Tuesday evening was productive, painted and ordered postcard prints of a few of my creations. Even though it was cold, I dyed my hair purple. I got things done and was pleased with my progress.

Work was pretty easy (Wednesday.) There are still things I am not sure about with the job, but I can count things (most of the time!) Even the ride back home was mellow. I got to chat with a new co-worker.

Then the financial issue rears it's ugly head. Now I have no access to my pay checks to order prints or post new art on Etsy. I have a few dollars in cash and I just put money on my bus card (thank goodness.)

When (if) the bank calls me back, I can try to get things coordinated again. Forward movement is great. Being stuck in a pit or haning off a broken rope bridge is not fun. It is worse when there are things activly pushing you back down. Be it slippery pit walls or Mola Ram trying to take your heart out, up and out is the goal.

In art related news:

  • Today is new time lapse thursday! Check out my Youtube Channel for the new video! Subscribe so I can get a personalized URL :)

  • Stuff is on Etsy. I have some prints and several original creations.

  • I am looking for feedback on improving my listings.

  • I hope that you will share my store with people who are interested in buying art.

  • I have two creations on my table. Both are in preparation for Jet City Comic Show.

  • I have a whole bunch of others in the final stages of planning. Even a few for Inktober.

Up Coming Events!

  • Spooked in Seattle Bizarre Bizaar - October 28th. I will be selling the spookiest of my creations, including some new ones (duh!)

  • Jet City Comic Show - November 4th and 5th. I am a guest of TerraCrux Games! Nerdy Fan art will be on sale. Plus help me pay for Holiday RAWk by purchasing a print pack!

  • Holiday RAWk - December 13th. My second attempt to particpate in a RAW Seattle event. This time there is a lot of notice and I will be creating Christmas and other Holiday season art for this.

As soon as I have my finances straight I will be setting up print packs. They will be on sale on Facebook and Etsy as well as any events I am able to do. Remember support a living artist. We need the money and acknowledgement. The dead artists are well past those needs. <3


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