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Did I Miss Anything?

I don't think so.

A check list might help!

  • I finally have ALL my available Christmas stuff in the store.

  • Even one that got overlooked yesterday, which is the one for the video!

  • It is in the store! There are prints and greeting cards available for it.

  • I added stuff to the gallery, including two new pages. One for my Acrylic paintings (more to be added) and a page for Misc art, such as colored pencil, gouache, and the random things I end up making.

  • I uploaded a bunch of art to Pinterest.

  • I might add stuff to DeviantArt later, it is not high on my list.

  • I should update my Facebook Albums also..

  • There is so much to update! I spend almost 3 hours updating things for every new painting I do.

  • Writing blog post

  • New video is available on my Youtube!

  • It is nice to change up what I paint. This was a lot less "fiddly" than the portrait style paintings I usually do.

  • Do not forget to subscribe and like!

  • In order to get a custom URL I need subscribers and likes. If its a huge help when you take that millisecond to click.

I posted to Patreon yesterday, so I do not have to do that today.

  • If you want to see what I posted you will have to support me on Patreon, even a $1 will unlock early views and secret videos.

Yep, I think that is pretty much everything.

Time to make more art!

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