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Crazy Week!

On Monday I did not have much going on.

Today I have tons going on. I should be going to sleep, but I needed to write this today.

No more slacking! Do what needs to be done.

This week was crazy!

I started a second part time job, which is AWESOME. Really the job is perfect for me right now. I am not going to post much about it, but just know, it is there, and smells good (essential oil good, not food good.)

I went to the Dollar Tree near the office of my part time job one. I went for face tissue, and came out with art supplies! They had canvas boards and small canvases. I was blown away. I am going to keep checking back to see if they get paints (that are not in the kids section.) some of those watery craft paints would be awesome. I want to do a "cheap art supply" challenge. The Dollar Tree is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores for things.


With one of the packs of canvas boards (three in this pack) I created a nice lighthouse scene. The challenge for this piece was to use as much water as possible. I used a trusty spray bottle to get the extra water on the canvas board. The paint did some really neat things. I borrowed a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. THEN I realized I could use the dryer to push the paint around and did the waves and spray in the bottom panel. So fun. I really need to buy a small hair dryer.

Last night (Wednesday night) I had an awesome idea for a series of tutorials. I hope I can get everything together and do them this weekend. Maybe I can squeeze in a Patreon video and a general introduction video.

I will be working on getting time lapse videos put together this weekend, so there will not be a video-less Thursday for a while. I have tons of footage of me creating things.

Wow, so much going on.

Sleep is calling.

Have a great weekend!

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