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ECCC Looms

...and I am not as ready as I usually am.

On Thursday Emerald City Comicon kicks off. For me it starts Wednesday. I will be setting up the area I supervise and work in. I have been doing this for 8 or 9 years now, I think. I have lost track. Either way, I am an "old hat" at it. I am also not as ready as I usually am. This is going to be an interesting year.

During this time I will probably not be doing any art. I will be running around like a chicken that is missing its head. I need to try to do some drawing though. I want to get better at people and this is a great chance to see all kinds of people. I will bring my sketchbook and what not with me in the hopes that I get something drawn.

I have a video scheduled for Thrusday. So make sure you go to my Youtube Channel and watch it. I will schedule a blog post about it as well. A lot of scheduled content this week. At least it will go out at a decent time of day and not at nine in the evening... or later.


The other day I finished this adorable ink wash painting. It is a take on memories, feelings, and "vibes" that the memories give us. I have a few more planned. I am looking for suggestions as well. I am looking for mundane things that you did with your parent(s) or things you do with your kids. Things like grocery shopping, reading, dancing, dinner time... those kinds of things. Stuff that you did all the time, and were routine at the time, but when you think about them the make you nostalgic.

I have not scanned this yet. I have been working on a silkscreen project that is being a bit labor intensive right now. *eye roll* sometimes things are harder then they should be. I probably did it to myself.

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