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Given Time, Everything Can Change

Is that a catchy title or what?

It does have meaning though.


Last week I had plenty of time to write a blog post, but I did not. It is a good thing I did not. I was in no fit state to write anything good or meaningful. It would have been me complaining about all kinds of things. There was only one big difference in last week and almost any other week. I was on my period.

All the men are probably thinking "Ew, gross. I do not want to hear about this." I am sure more than a few women are in agreement. Menstration is not really something "we" talk about or how it impacts a woman's life. And it does impact a woman's life, even those lucky enough to have "mild" symptoms.

I usually only display two-three symptoms each cycle. Usually physical ones such as bloating, cravings, aches, insomnia, exhaustion, and similar. Occasionally I will have emotional symptoms; extreme emotions, lack of emotions, or just one emotion (usually a negative one.) There are a lot of women that have ALL the symptoms, so I consider myself lucky to get away with two or three a cycle.

Last week was all emotional symptoms. I was bouncing between one extreme emotion to another. Flying high because I finished something, then almost crying because of a commercial that came accross on YouTube. I actually had to avoid FaceBook or Instagram feed for a few days. Every post was making me extrememly {insert emotion.} I was raging against stupidity (commented on a few before I caught myself,) and a few seconds later I was mourning the loss of a plant (fake commerical plant.)

I did get to use the mania to accomplish a few things last week. I parked my butt in a chair and did a bunch of digital art for two clients. I have a bunch more to do, but I got the major parts done. I also did a lot of sketches and playing with my brush pens, water colors, and even Adobe Illustrator Draw (smartphone app.) I laid the ground work for a few projects.

Clearly I was not in a good place to write a coherent blog post. Not that my posts are very coherent anyway. But I was a mess.

This week I am working a bunch, so I am not sure how much energy I will have for art. I have lots of planning to do still, for the projects that I got started last week.

I also had an issue with Adobe Premiere not encoding the video correctly. I had to re-encode this weeks video. Extra frustrating. I have not encoded next weeks video yet. I hope it does not need to get done twice.

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