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Crypticon, A Contest, and Joy

Happy day!

First I must welcome all my new friends and subscribers from Crypticon. I only had ONE postcard left for new subscribers when Crypticon was over. I am still amazed that so many of you signed up.

Welcome and thank you!

(if your name is wrong on the email please let me know so I can fix it.)


I was a last minute addition to Crypticon. I signed up to be on the waitlist on a whim in February. I never really expected to be able to go as a vendor. I got a call on Wednesday morning and was an excited wreck until the following Monday morning (yesterday.) Honestly I am still reeling.

On top of doing Crypticon I had two commissions to work on. I got one done and it is on its way to its home. The other needs some detail work and a few fixes. It will be done tomorrow and off to its home. Thankfull both of these were things that were similar to other art I have created. That speeds things up a lot. You can see the progress shots on my Instagram feed (@bycarissac.)


Right before Crypticon started I hit 300 followers on Instagram! That means there will be a contest. I will be giving away a mouse pad with the Grunge Skull printed on it. There is only one of these so make sure you check out Instagram for the rules and what not. The contest will start on Wednesday, May 9th, at noon PST.

Also there is a video of me painting the grunge skull!

And joy?

Well I have been so excited and happy the past week that I have been getting up early. I usually do like to be out of bed before 9am. I have been up and doing stuff at between 6:30 and 7am! This has not happened since my allergy medication was changed three years ago. I have energy and am actually looking forward to doing things, even chores... Ok, not really excited about chores. It is awesome to be excited to get out of bed in the morning and create things.

The next event I will be at is Urban Unglued's Dark in the Park. This happens July 13-15 in Pacific Washington. I will be working hard to create new and creepy art for this. I have lots of ideas for all kinds of things that are dark, creepy, and generally awesome. I hope to see you there!

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