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Arrgh, Freaking Video Editing....

I have been trying to edit video for the past few days. I enjoy sharing them and even watching them once I put them up. The process, however, I like a lot less.

I do not enjoy editing the video. It is time consuming and I am in a constant state of frustration while doing it. There are so many clicks to be done, seconds of video to be deleted, or sped up, or moved. I end up going through hours of video to remove the times when I left it on and walk away for a few minutes. Then compress everything down so it only takes a few minutes to watch.

The whole process is frustrating.

Today I was going to finalize a video with a voice over. And this is what I saw when the video loaded...

What deity have I angered this time to have this happen!?

WTF Adobe?

Even the autosaves are like this, though the video will play just fine in Windows Media Player and load in Movie Maker (which I did not use for this video for a few reasons.)


As soon as I can get this working again I will post a video. It might be a WTF or it might be the acutal video.

Gosh, even the house internet went down as I was trying to trouble shoot this problem.

I am not in a fit state to be around people or tech.

Thankfully I can still paint!

Which leads me to why I have not been posting much art on my Instagram feed, Facebook, or well... anywhere really.


I have some secret stuff that I am working on for my next show in July, Dark in the Park. Some extra super new stuff in new formats! Not just 8x10 prints, postcards, and greeting cards. I want to tell everyone, but I want it to be an awesome suprise.

Be patient!

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