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A Productive Week

The end of April and the begining of May was not very productive for me. I was not in a productive head space. The past two weeks have been productive enough to make up for it and any slow time in June.

Since my last post I got 4 sheets of small paintings for my current, mostly secret, project. Each sheet had five to seven small gouache paintings on it. The themes of each vary, some are "creepy" and some are "normal." I love how they all came out.

If you follow me on Social Media (links at the bottom of the post) you will have seen a few sneak peeks at what I have been working on. I am done all the origninal art that I planned and I am moving onto phase two, digitizing and getting prints.

Phase two is giving me some problems as I am having a hard time getting Adobe Creative Suite to run properly. It might be time to move the digital bits of art to a desktop computer. I keep getting error messages. I will need to see about upgrading my laptops RAM if I want to continue to use it for even the most basic Photoshop use.

Once I have the prints I can move onto phase three. Which will remain a secret until I have the first round of finished product. AHhhhhhh!! I am so excited.

I am keeping things a secret because there is a pattern of me NOT finishing a project if I tell lots of people. I get discouraged or sidetracked when I share my plans. I have found it best to not share much when I am working on something that is exciting (to me) and new.


The final product should be done in a few weeks. I can't wait to share them with everyone!

The art I am sharing today is one of the things that I have finished and can add to a set that I already have. I am a fan of Alice in Wonderland, the book, Disney's animated version, and the newer Tim Burton flavor. I have even read fan fiction and spin offs. The world of Wonderland really captures my imagination and, well, there is tea in it!

I have not painted an Alice In Wonderland themed painting since August/October 2017. In that time I have gotten better and tried all kinds of new things. It was hard to try to have the same vibe and keep with the running theme.

I plan on doing two more for this series. I am not going to talk much about those plans. They have been sketched out and "in the works" for a while. I keep talking about them and then they get sidelined.

The best way to keep tabs on what I am doing and get all kinds of sneak peaks and even get to give your input, follow me on Social Media. I even do contests! The next one will be when I hit 400 followers.

PS. No video this week. I have to fix the desktop computer before I can get back to that. I am sad because I have lots of videos I want to share.

Instagram (@bycarissac),

Facebook (Art By Carissa), or

Twitter (@artbycarissac... Yes I have Twitter, I just never really check it. Almost all of the content is pushed from Instasgram)

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