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June in Review

June is already over, and I am not sure what I did! I do not feel that I have been busy. I was not working (day job) and I am not sure what I spent my time doing.

Looking back through my Instagram posts I see that I did a lot of art.

- I finished a Secret Language of Flowers painting. It is a generic Thank You one.

- Two more music themed skulls, Country Music and Classical Music.

- I did a commission for Fathers Day (not pictured)

- Followed by a small GhostBusters painting. (not pictured)

- Then another skull with multicolor smoke and marijuana leaves in the background. I think I am going to call it Baked.

- I painted some Roses with Spiders in Gouache and

- some fan art of the Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau. I really enjoyed the Pink Panther Movies and I have a collectors edition of the Pink Panther cartoons. I will not be making prints of these.

- I also spent a lot of time on the computer editing things. I edited a bunch of video and scans of paintings so I can get prints made. I have 17 things to get printed. Greeting cards and 8 x 10's.

- I also have been working on making some cool resin stuff for Dark in the Park, July 13-15. I will be showing those next week. There will be a video!


The video for this week is from a painting I did at the end of April. I talk about what it means and what inspired me. I am still trying to get better at doing the videos and voiceovers. I think I have gotten better, though there is still a long way to go.

The topic is kind of "deep." Let me know what you think of the subject matter and if I should share more of my deep thoughts about some of my art... (Not all of it is deep. Sometimes a flower is just a flower for the sake of painting a flower.)

In my personal life I spent most of June looking for a job. It is important to make sure you get outside and socialize. Art made in a vaccuum is not very good. Going out and having great, good, or bad days, is what keeps me making good art. I succeeded in getting a part time job, which is perfect.

Stay tuned for a lot of art that I have kept a secret! There are two paintings and a large project that I have kept secret. I will be unveiling them all next week leading up to Urban Unglued: Dark in the Park.

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