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August in Review

I want to say August was my recovery month, it was not really. I did do quite a few paintings and one event.

August art includes:

  • King of Pop ink wash painting,

  • Signs for my products,

  • Music and Art in Wright Park,

  • and a set of sunflower gouache paintings,

  • I picked up working on a pen and ink drawing that has been waiting to be worked on for... ... ... longer than I care to admit.

  • I made two small ink wash paintings for a tiny frame I have,

  • I did a gouache version of a large acrylic painting, one in a series.

  • I ended August by working as an Enforcer at PAX West 2018.

Not bad for trying to take some time off art to refresh my art stamina, creativity, and general well being.


September has already brought a new painting!

I was inspired by a video of a wave breaking in the early hours of the day. The colors were so nice and the video had a few great frames that really inspired me to paint.

I captured a few frames that I liked and used them as inspiration to paint this.

I really tried hard to get some clouds in the background, and show motion, waves are never still.

September will bring more art. I am also preparing for Inktober. I think this year is going to be tons of fun and silly. I do a lot of serious art and it is time to loosen up and do some silly and humorus drawings / paintings. I am looking forward to it Inktober this year.

I have a video for you!

It is some what fitting to share this on September 11th, a day that changed the USA population.

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