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Inktober is Truely Finally Done!

Phew, that was a lot of work.

I spent the past few weeks painting all of the drawings I did for Inktober. I donted all of them to Alexandria RPG Library. They will be holding an auction to sell them to help raise money.

Alexandria RPG Library is a non-profit organization that has two purposes. 1. To collect and share Role Playing Game systems. This is a library and has some unique RPG's that can be played. Some of the books even have signatures, stickies, notes, and other signs of love from their former owners. 2. Create better communities through Role Playing Games. RPG's are great for teaching a variety of skills. The Library's ultimate goal is to help troubled people (all ages and demographics) overcome some of their problems and become productive members of society.

Make sure you check them out if you want to get your hands on one of these. I am only making prints of the best nine, and those will be a limited number.

I still have to finish cleaning up the line drawing versions of the Inktober art. That is taking forever! It is much harder to clean up the lines than it is to do minor color corrections to the full paintings. I am about half way done with that bit.

I will be selling my art at Urban Unglued's Feast of the Beasts this week. It is on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. If you are in the Tacoma area please stop by!

I have been cleaning out my vendor bag to make sure I have all the cool creepy stuff ready to go. Plus the new(er) art that I was not able to get prints for earlier this year.

No video this week. To much computer time as it was editing all the paintings and line drawings. I would LOVE to be able to knock out a few over Thanksgiving, but who knows how that is going to go.

Enjoy all the Nerdy art below! Let me know which ones you think I should get prints of! Dinosaurs in SPAAACE! is already on the list. <3

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