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Holiday Commissions are OPEN!

'Tis the season to get something different, heartfelt, and customizable for your loved ones. I am open for holiday gift commissions.

I work in Acrylic paint, Gouache and Ink wash painting. My base prices are as follows: 4x5 - $15 8x10 - $40 9x12 - $60 11x14 - $80 Anything larger starts at $100. The amount of detail and artistic freedom are the greatest factors in the prices, so they are flexible. (samples are in the slideshow at the bottom of the post.)

I have been busy posting this on social media AND I even did a Craigslist ad! I feel like I did something crazy with the Craigslist ad, but I hope it will help out in some way.

I really enjoy doing commissions. I spend a lot of time in my head creating random things that interest me. Good for practice, but it does not lead to much variety. I want to expand my skills and things that I can draw and paint.

I also want to contribute to the household income. I have been applying for jobs but I have no callbacks yet...

All the posting and sharing did get me a commission! Posting all over social media and being (what I consider) generally annoying does work. It would be great if it had not taken two hours of my day to do it though.

But I have a commission! YAAAY!

I would love to do more than the one. I am pretty quick so if you want one contact me.

In other art news:

I realized that ALL my original art prices are extra low! The prices in the online store are way lower that what I have listed on my inventory list. This is a great time to get one of the originals that I created over the past year or so. When 2019 hits I will be updating the prices to what they should be, and you will have to wait for a sale, and the prices will still not be this low.

I placed an order on VistaPrint over Black Friday. It will get here in the first week of December. I am excited to see the cool things and reveal some of my plans for 2019 and beyond. *squee*

I was at Urban Unglued's Feast of the Beasts over Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I met another Carissa! Spelt right and everything. Most of my sales were prints, budgets seemed to be tight that week. I wonder if the cold made people hold onto their money tighter.

I did do a few trades. One for a book! I can't wait to read it.

All the Inktober paintings I did will be at PAX Unplugged this weekend!

You can also go to Alexandria RPG Library's website to see what is available and the suggested donation amount to get your hands on it. I am excited to see them go to great homes.

No video. I just cannot seem to motivate myself to sit and edit a video. Anything and Everything seem more enjoyable that editing video. Even cleaning the bathroom.

In Personal News:

Not much really. Allergies suck, I am not exercising enought or eating great. Money is tight and I do not have enough sweaters, hoodies, or sweatshirts to keep my shoulders warm.

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