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New Art on the Horizon!

It has been so long since I made a post!

I have not done a monthly review for February or March, yet. I am not sure that it will happen. Those months were kind of boring art wise.

I just finished two paintings that people have been suggesting for ages. One is a Fairy and the other is a Mermaid.

Necromancer_Fairy_Inkwash on Watercolor Paper

The fairy idea came from one of those "quizzes" that give you a new name based on your initials. I got Necromancer Fairy. That got my brain going. I spent a few days trying to figure out how I wanted this Fairy to look. Not like your traditional Necromancer. I went more Voodo. The other thing I did was have her reanimating insects, not other fairies.

Now there are zombie bugs flying around! :D That makes me giggle. hehe

OH! There is glow in the dark ink on parts of this. It glows in the dark! How cool is that. I love it.

DeepSea_Mermaid_inkwash Painting

The second painting is a Mermaid that found a magic stick! She seems really pleased with her glowing stick. I wonder what it does. I added a few fish, Mermaids have fishy friends. I had tons of fun with her hair. I just kept adding more layers and colors to it.

I feel like I should add some fishy silhouettes in the background, but I like the balance that it has right now. Maybe I will change my mind in a few days.

This one does NOT glow, but it has metallic ink so it is shiny.

I will be at Crypticon Seattle May 3-5! I am at booth 403. You will see these two new prints plus a bunch of the others that I have created since last year. There is quite a bit of new art.

Dang there are lots of exclamation marks in this post. I am pretty excited and happy about things. It happens when I finish paintings and like how they came out.

New art is in the works. I have several sketches for some good stuff and I keep refining them during my down time at my day job. I am really excited for a Hades and Persephone one. I also have a few ideas for some more scratch board art.

Art stuff is happening<3

Good things are happening in my personal world as well. The job is helping tons. I have a friend who is working on getting the house and yard in some kind of shape. Soon I will have a back yard, basement apartment and a nice studio space. Art By Carissa and Happy Goth Art will be moving up in the world.

Next weekend I will be at NorWestCon as part of the Alexandria RPG Library. I will be wearing the tee-shirts that have my art on them. The Library will also have some of my art. Make a donation and get art! I think that is a pretty good deal.

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