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Selling My Art: An Explanation of Sorts


It feels kind of weird to to say some of the things that I am about to say. I still cannot believe some of them are true. Mostly the one where I mean it when I say "I know people..." For most of my life I did not "know people..." or places or things. Now I actually do "know people..." It is so weird, to me.

Enough with the preface then, let's talk about why I have no problem selling my art.

I do not get attached to things.

Over my life I have learned that nothing is permanent and things will get broken, lost (most common for me,) or end up a burden. I moved quite a bit as a child and my "favorite" blanket, dolls, books and other toys were frequently lost in moves.

So no favorite things, because they just go away, no matter how much you like them.

I never really understood the need to "collect" things.

This kind of goes with not having attachments to things. I do not really understand why people collect things. They just create clutter.

My spouse is a "collector" of things. It drives me batty when his "things" spill over into my spaces. Even looking at his spaces make me frustrated.

I go through my stuff on a regular basis and get rid of things I am not using. Some of my most prized possessions get culled if I am not using them (usually books and other art supplies.) I prefer to have space to walk, put new things, or just empty space... it is great to have breathing room.

*I love all you people that do collect things. I married one! I just do not understand it. I greatly appreciate your need to collect things, it helps me pay the bills.*

Art is meant to be shared.

Not much else to be said about this point. I LOVE to share art with people. I want to go to galleries with people and talk about what they see in art. It is a great way for me to socialize and learn about you. Art can be like dreams, where the symbolism changes depending on who sees it. Some images have a common meaning to the majority of people, and some change a lot depending on the person.

*Honestly galleries and museums are boring if you are not going with people that want to talk about the abstracts of what they see and feel about the art.*

I want to share.

I am not be the most outgoing person in the world, but I am not the least either. I am a pretty terrible story teller. I can't even tell a joke without messing it up. It is all in how I think. Writing is better, it allows me to slow down and think about the flow of the words and the meanings behind them. The best way for me to communicate is by creating a painting or drawing. I can "hide" myself a bit in the imagery that is created. I change from being a pre-defined concept full of labels and stereotypes to some weird abstract. I can be anything and do anything, and you will not really know it is me.

I sell my art because the need to share and connect with people is greater than whatever tiny desire to collect art is. I sell my art to meet people and have something to talk about.

Lastly, I sell my art because I need more space to create new art.


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