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Back at it in 2020


I am back from my hiatus!

I can hardly believe that I did not post the rest of Inktober. It does not really seem like I was gone for three months. I took time away from Facebook and Instagram also. Absolutely no social media for two months.

It was great to be away from having a digital presence, and the upkeep.

It is almost like having two lives. It is stressful enough to be living and managing one, two is virtually impossible. Doubly so when your primary life gets complicated or busy.

I am going to do my best to avoid spending a lot of time on Social Media. It distracts from actually living and doing the things I want to do. Managing my actual life is distracting enough.

My Summary of 2019

The Art!

A rough estimate of art created was 74 creations. Many gouache and ink wash paintings, a few acrylic paintings, several digital creations, and a few random things, like a necklace and a hand painted box.

2019 saw me purchase a printer so I can do my own prints on the paper I want them to be on.

I do not think I "grew" as an artist in 2019. I really wanted to, but life just did not cooperate. I ended up "maintaining" what skills I have. No epiphanies or astonishing breakthroughs.

Here is a bit of a gallery for you to see some of the things I created in 2019.

Aspirations for 2020

I want to create much more art, for starters. I really feel like I took two steps back last year. I want to make three steps forward in 2020, make a some kind of headway and improve.

I am planning on being a vendor more often in 2020. I will stay in the South Sound area in 2020, I will be applying for more events and seeing if I can get the courage up, to do more new things. Art walks, pop-ups, large (expensive) events like Taste of (insert city here.)

New things are scary! BIG new things are even worse.

I plan on spending some time working on getting better at digital art this year. This means that I will have cool things like die cut stickers, key chains, and who knows what else.

I also want to create at least one fully digital 'painting.' I will have to adapt my style(s) to the new medium. In the long run, digital art is cheaper to create. No buying paint and paper/canvas all the time. No, running out of colors or other materials.... and storage.

I want to do more random one off things also. I have some resin, all kinds of wood bits, jars, two helmets, and a bowling pin. I would love to make them into pretty and/or creepy things.

My Original Art Works Crisis

Guys, art takes up so much SPACE!! I have so many originals and I don't know what to do with them! Most of them hang out on a shelf in a closet, the rest cycle in and out of the portfolio I take to events with me... if they fit (a separate issue.)

The originals should have nice homes. It is bad enough where they may end up in the recycling bin (no joke.)

Unlike a lot of artists, I am not attached to the originals. Once the idea is out of my head, I am happy to let it go. If you keep them they pile up and there will be no new space for new ideas to grow and become real. This does not mean I want to throw them away. They still came out of my head and are a little bit of me. I do not want to throw bits of myself away, especially bits I am happy with.

I will not refuse any reasonable offer on an original art work that is over a year old. If you like something please let me know. It could be yours for cost of materials (average is $10) plus shipping.

You can message me on FaceBook, Instagram, or via email carissa(at)artbycarissa(dot)com.


2019 was not a fun year. 2020 is happening and I am already doing better. I have been posting art on Instagram. I will figure out a posting schedule for FaceBook and the website. There will be new products! I will find courage and do more events.

Original art works need homes.

See you around!

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