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I have made the last post that will be on Not that it has that URL any longer. I let it go at the beginning of the month. If you click the link it will route to the new "default" URL WIX has assigned to it, so you can read the posts that have not been moved yet.

There are two reasons for this. One is financial. I am not making enough on the websites to keep two. The second is Happy Goth Art describes my art and vibe better than just using my name.

It has been really interesting trying to find what I want my art to be and how I want to present it. Finding my style and subjects I enjoy painting took a few years. Happy Goth describes my art and my personality. Having my name as my business name was a stop-gap measure until I could figure out what my "vibe" was and what sounded right to me.

When my spouse and I were dating he would often say I was a happy goth. Even then liked bright colors but also bones, horror, and other "creepy" things. This is still true and comes out in my art. I feel the name tells people what to expect with my art, before they even see it.

I hope you will check out my new site, and/or all the social media accounts that I have.

I am in the process of moving the blog posts from the old site to this site. I may not move all of the posts to keep the archives concise. I will not be renewing the hosting for the site either. That will completely disappear this fall.

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