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So Busy!

The last two weeks have been busy.

I ended up taking 2 days off my Twitch stream to recharge my batteries. Not that I actually ended up streaming less. I ended up as a guest host on 50th Street Studio's channel and streaming an RPG and some computer gameplay on the Alexandria RPG Library's twitch channel.

I did finish a few small projects that week and I was able to start planning some layouts for a new run of journals. I did NOT finish those layouts. Things ramped up and those fell by the wayside, for the moment.

I got my order of stickers from Sticker Mule in. I ended up placing a second order because I forgot to change the size radial button. I have plans for the tiny things, but those are also on the backburner. I have 3 (OMG yes) commissions that I need to finish. One is almost done, just some final details, one is about half-finished and the other is really new, so we are still working on the sketch phase.

I have a few digital art pieces in the works; Year of the Rat, something I am calling Skull Chimes, and a fanart for a bad movie, Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century.

All this in addition to things like housework (failing at that,) getting social time in (also failing at this,) managing a bunch of behind-the-scenes projects, and managing the business aspects of my art.


Oh yeah! I have an art market this weekend. If you are in the area stop by. This is also a great time to place an order and avoid shipping costs. Arrange for a pickup and I will bring it.

Here is the gallery of what I have finished these past two weeks. I expect to have a nice-sized art dump next post.

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