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Sooooo HOooooOoOoooT...

This past weekend set records in the Pacific North West. We reached temperatures over 100f three days in a row, and temps were in the 90's preceding. Air Conditioning is NOT a normal thing in the PNW, around 45% of homes have central A/C.

That is to say that I did not get any new art done. I have several things in progress, but I have not been able to get past the heat-caused brain fog to complete them.

I did an art show on the 19th of June. It was at a golf course. It was definitely not my crowd. I did make a few sales (mostly to the staff <3.) This is not an event I will be doing again. My issue was not the venue or the clientele, it was the sheer number of Multi-Level Marketing companies that were there. Over half of the vendors were MLMs. I felt really bad for all the original creators there were there. I also felt really bad for the few ladies in their early 20's that were with their MLM products. They should be enjoying their youth, not being abused by the MLM mindset.

Well, that was a downer.

Now for the fun stuff.

I should have all the products for the PRIDE flag skulls today. The stickers came Monday, the magnets and buttons should arrive today. I will be spending the evening getting product photos and setting things up. A busy night. I plan on launching them after I show them off on stream Thursday, tomorrow.) *squee*

Most of my productivity has been prepping things or cleaning things up so I can have products. My next thing to order are notebooks with some of my art as covers. I hope I can have those by the end of next week. They are ALMOST ready to order.

On the weekend I was a guest host on 50th Street Studio's double feature movie fest. Duck Soup was so silly and would have kept on going if the producer had the budget. Taking Care of Baby was interesting. SOOOO many words. Really could have been shorter if situational comedy was not centered on confusion and miscommunication. 50th Street also does a Saturday Morning Cartoon series on Twitch, worth checking out. There are some amazing early TV programming that they talk about. There is a lot of BAAAD TV out there. It is good in a strange way.

I have also been working on stuff for Alexandria RPG Library. Scheduling social media posts, scheduling interviews, creating visual media for said posts, and doing some streams for them.

I participated in the first Art In the Park in Tacoma last week. I would be there now, but I have had the worst allergies. It was great to hang out with the artists and not be "working."

I am scheduled to vend along Thea Foss Waterway on July 10th and 11th. I hope to see you there!

I learn so much from all these extra things I do. I think I am doing more "volunteer" stuff now than I ever did between my teens to early 30's. Support my friends and their endeavors!

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