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Summer is here and it is...

hot as ... a lot of things.

Does anyone else have issues remembering that Holidays are a thing? Years of customer service jobs have wiped away the concept of a day off that I don't have to fight for. My boss always has to remind me that I don't have to work on a specific holiday, I will invariably forget.

Since my last post I have done quite a few things.

I did GREAT at an art market on May 22 and 23. I got to talk to so many people and sold tons of art. Several were originals that I thought would never sell. I am so excited! I will need to put out my portfolio more often.

I did take Monday and Tuesday "off" and did not stream. Instead, I thought about what to create for Pride Month. Last year I did that huge and time-consuming gouache painting of all the roses in the order of the Pride Flag. This year I am aiming to have some smaller less time-consuming art. Digital so I can make stickers and magnets and a few traditional because I love the feel of a paintbrush in my hand.

This week I have gone to Seattle TWICE! This past Saturday I went and had lunch with a friend and made a stop at Blick for art shopping therapy. I also bought more tea leaves and some fudge. Fudge is so amazing.

I also was able to get some art done, and sent off 3 commissions! Two gouache paintings and a logo redesign. The other art I got done I think of as small things, that I hope are a stepping stone to some super fun and cool LGBT+ stuff.

I am excited to not have anything major on my plate this weekend. I can focus on getting all the skulls done and maybe some stickers or something ordered.

So much fun!!

I hope you will join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I create more LGBT+ art.

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