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Closer and Closer

Every day I get closer to living my dream, well, trying to.

I am so nervous.

Giving up the stability of my current job to pursue something that I want to do... and not knowing if I will be able to support myself.

When I am positive about myself, I believe I can sell everything. When I am not having a great day, I do not think anyone will buy anything and I will fail. When I am more balanced, I am pretty sure I will at least break even at my first event, Oddmall Tacoma. Well I hope I break even (obviously, I have a pretty negative world view today.)

My latest painting kind of leans to my thinkings.

You may think that you can control your fate. Pulling on the string binds your senses and then you really cannot do much. Follow the sting and you may find what you were meant for.

Well, something like that.

On Instagram I put "you can take your fate into your hands, but it will still bind you."

Speaking about the art.

I really like that I used complimentary colors. Red for the background, some gold and purple to add depth. I did the skeleton in green.

I hope to see you at OddMall in Tacoma, Wa (I am in booth 37.)

If you cannot make it check out my store!

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