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End of Summer Sale


The end of summer is close at hand.

I am having a "priced to move" sale.

If you have read any of my other posts you may know I am in a tight financial situation. My goal is to lessen the burden a bit.

I also need to "clean house" in a huge way. I have no space left on my walls to hand new things! It is time for this "old" stuff to go.

I will be listing things in two places (dare I?) My Etsy store,

and on the store at this website.

The discount codes for the website are

  • ByeSummer17Original -- This is 40% off any time that is an original.

  • ByeSummer2017Cards -- This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.

  • ByeSummer2017Prints -- This will get you 20% off on any greeting card or set of cards.

I have more control over the website store, so the prices will be easier to negotiate.

That is right. I will negotiate! Send me a message and we can negotiate on larger orders (either $50 + OR 8+ items.)

The best deals will be on original art, but the prints and cards are also discounted.

This sale will go on until the majority of the original art is sold OR until the end of September 2017, which ever happens first.

I will also be at Music and Art in Wright Park on August 12th. My rock bottom prices will be with me. I am loading up as much of my original art as I can fit and selling it.


You want paintings statement sized canvas paintings? Oooo have I got it.


You want small illustration type art? Lots of that.

You like creepy art? I have it and there is always more in the works!

You like landsapes or seascapes? I have it.

You like art that makes you think or feel? I definitely have that.

You like abstracts? I have that.

You like silly art? I have it.

You like floral art? All over it.

You want cheap art? You came to the right place.

You want good quality art? I have it. BONUS it is on sale!

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