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July in Review

Every time I do one of these month in review's I forget most of what I accomplished the previous month. I usually end up refering to my Instagram account to see what I have done. Things get busy and the weeks blur together after a bit.

August should be pretty mellow. Allowing me to recover some of my creative energy. I have one event. Music and Art in Wright Park on August 11th. If you are in the area make sure you stop by.

Withouth the help of Instagram I can remember a few things (not in any particular order;)

  • Dark in the Park. This was such a fun show. Even with the heat making me feel like I was melting into a puddle of goo. Which would have been a creepy and appropriate sight for the creepiness of the event. I sold several original paintings, which made my day. I also created two quick gouache paintings during the event. (I have not scanned them or anything yet. I think I will put them on Etsy when I do that.)

  • Worked at my part-time day job. It is nice to get out of the house, interact with people, and do stuff that is not art related.

  • I went to Texas to help a friend out. That was a horrible trip and a horrible way to start the month.

Now to refer to Instagram to see what else I did.


I finished "From the Heart." It represents some general feelings that people feel and can say are "from the heart."


I also completed a painting that is an intrepretation of the Roman Myth Pandora's Box. This depicts the Roman Graces escaping from a storage jar and Hope is caught by a skeletal hand.


Next up is a quick gouache painting I did of a butterfly emerging from its caccoon that happens to be a human heart. I called it "Change of Heart."

Other than the two things I did at Dark in the Park I only did these three new paintings. Though July was pretty crazy and I spent a lot of time away from my art supplies.

I suppose I could add that I did upload videos every week, like I wanted, and managed to get the blog post done in a mostly timely manner, as I wanted.

The video this week is Roses and Spiders. A quick gouache painting I did in June. This was just a nice guick and fun thing. Something that I did not have to do a bunch of research for. Honestly I did not even spend much time on the video. Sad I know, but I have other things that I want to do than make a pretty video for something I did for fun.

I still hope you enjoy the video. It is quite short.

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