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Break Time

I am taking a "vacation" from art, social media, but not chores!

Two or three times a year I need to take a break from pushing myself to create and create more and create better.

This does not mean that I am doing nothing. Quite the opposite.


While I am away from art and social media I will be doing lots of organizing, thinking, planning, plotting, and researching.

I have ideas about what I want to do next but I need to flesh out those ideas, see if they are feasable and try to figure out how to implement them. There are a few things coming up that I am trying to plan for.

Inktober, an ink creation every day in October. It is a lot of work and I hope to have something comprehensive to draw this year, something that can be sold either as a book or as single pages. Maybe I can throw them up on Etsy or something.

Holiday Season. I would love to try to add a few more seasonal pieces into my portfoilio. Even if it is just one or two. I find these really hard as the subject matter is usually limited and I have to make it my own.

Suicide Awareness / Depression Awareness / Diabetes Awareness. A good friend passed away last year. He had a lot of issues with Depression. He also had Diabetes that was not being treated properly which worsend his Depression and lead to his suicide. I want to do a series to honor him and the things he liked. I want this to be more about my friend, and help those of us who do not suffer from Depression or PTSD how bad it gets for those who do. I have a few ideas to get me started, but I need to flesh these out more.

So many more ideas. I have a lot of half ideas that need to be fleshed out. It is hard deciding what to work on first. What is the most important? What captures my interest the most? Can I even make the ideas into reality? So much work to be done.

I did a video this week! I was smart and made it last week knowing the end of August was going to be busy for me.

Enjoy my take on Country Music!

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