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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Yes, I am.

To get ready for the holidays that come at the end of the year I am....


wait for it....


making art.

Probably not what you were expecting.

I am a bit behind the curve as I only have one Christmas / Holiday themed art piece!

I have been working to remedy that with 25 Days of Christmas.

My goal is to create 25 winter holiday themed images. I am going to do my best to work in a few other religions that celebrate winter holidays. Suggestions are always welcome as I might miss things, or misunderstand something.


Unlike Inktober where the goal was to do line drawings that I could turn into a coloring book, I want to create 25 finished pieces. Each of these takes about 2 days to do (drying between layers takes a while.) Even a simple one can take 10-12 hours of work and 10-12 hours of waiting for paint to dry. To give myself better odds of being able to reach my goal (25 is A LOT) I started around Thanksgiving.

This first one was simple (kind of) to draw and simple to paint, just 4 colors!

Please enjoy the video of me paint this.

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