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Updating the Shop!

I am working on adding my new items to the e-store.

I got all the postcards in, I have to edit some more photos so I can get the greeting cards and 8x10 prints up.

I hope to have everything up tomorrow.

This is a bit late, I should have had this all done by Thanksgiving. That, of course, would have been hard seeing how I only had a few of the things created then.

This is probably the last group of creations I will be getting prints of. I will not be able to afford new prints for quite a while. Prints and cards are rather expensive to get created.

I will not stop making art. If you wish to support me (and get free stuff out of it) check out my Patreon page. Patreon is a way for art fans to support artists by pledging an amount of money based off work done. Basically I create art, show it off on Patreon, you think I did good and patronize me for the good work. In return you will get cool things based off the amount you pledge.

You can get some awesome art, inside tips and tricks, early access to content and the good feeling of supporting a local artist reach great heights. At the higher levels (of my pledge tree) you can even get a commissioned piece. Something made just for you.

You can check out my Patreon at this link, or the bright orange button at the top of my website.

PS: Patreon patrons (how weird is that to say) will have access to something I have created that I have not shown anyone else.

Here are a few of the things I framed today. They are all items I had done this year and just got printed.

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