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Portfolio Walk-Through

This is a REALLY long post.

If you would prefer to watch the video, click here and it will take you to the bottom of the page where the video is.

Welcome to my portfolio walk-through.

Everything in this portfolio is an original art work and they are for sale. You can leave a comment on this post or send me a direct message if you have any questions I do not answer.


I did a quick cover page for the two sections that I had when I started this portfolio. The first is “Secret Language of flowers” section.

I have detailed descriptions of the meanings behind each piece on my website and on Instagram. I will gloss over being overly detailed in this post, but feel free to ask questions and I will answer.


< Thank You – you have good taste – the bottom of my heart

> Family – peppermint for warmth and Ivy is a binding agent



< Farewell – I added gold details in the background

> Apology – this one tells a story. I have been thinking and realize I was rash and did some stupid things. Our relationship means a lot to me and I hope you can forgive me.


< Love Charm – It is not often you see Venus fly traps in a bouquet.

> Explosive love – I learned that sunflowers can represent passionate love and passion flowers are hard to draw and paint in.



< Secret Desires XXX – someone has a fixation on someone else and does not want anyone to know. I think we all have those kinds of thoughts from time to time.

> Phoenix – someone in an art group asked about Phoenix drawings. I did a bouquet of flowers probably not what they were looking for. This was also an experiment on the splatter effect.


< Christmas Wishes – a Christmas one I did and one of the first that was made into a card.

> Wonder Woman – made for Jet City Comic Show in 2017. Each flower represents an aspect of Wonder Woman’s personality. The plumeria is for protection or protectiveness.


< Driftwood Memories- I used a photo that I took to create this remembrance day piece in 2016. I was excited to actually use one of the bazillion photos I have taken for something.

Next up is the Strange and Unusual section.

This section has all of the weird stuff that pops into my mind. A lot of this can be open to interpretation. Some is dark and some is just abstract.


< How deep – a lot of people think this is upside down, but it is not. I envisioned this after listening to Calvin Harris’s remix of How Deep is your love. A couple has dived head first into love.

> Universe Inside – strong emotions get interesting art. This was kind of challenging to keep the dark colors from bleeding over the edges into the yellow background.


< Meddler – Done very closely to the Apology flower art. It is a visualization of what happens when people meddle with the lives of others. The colors get icky.

> Shattered – we all have those times where we cannot do anything for someone who is going through a hard time. This was a visualization of those feelings.


< Heart of Gold – This is based on Halsey’s song Gasoline.

> Rage – What makes up rage. IT is not just the red haze. It is sadness and fear and it poison’s your mind.


< Djinn – Another one for Jet City. This was very close to being an accidental recreation of the demon on the cover of the AD&D handbook.

> WTF – we all have that friend. I wanted to try doing and ink wash version of a bird. To see how detailed I could get. Plus we all have those friends or see people and we just wonder WTF is wrong with them.


< Swallowed Whole (or Anger) – This was the second ink wash painting. I had been planning it for a while. I even sketched it out several times to get it right. The Fangtooth fish is only a few centimeters long, so I wonder how it was able to eat a human.

> Death and Filigree – Inktober from 2017, There is gold in the filigree


< Creepy Frogs – I do not think I need to explain this one. It is just some creepy tree frogs on a window.

> Push Through the Fear – Gouache! This one is not an ink wash it is opaque watercolor. I love how vibrantly it shows up in photographs and prints. In person it looks gritty.



< A hare in my Tea – The first of a bunch inspired by Alice in wonder land. I did learn that straw on ones head meant that you had a mental instability

> Mad Hatter – Tea Time – number two. I was able to use a reference photo I took for this.



< Sleeping Dormouse – he ate to many tarts.

> Believe in Yourself _Motivational Monday – This was fun and challenging. Skin tones with Ink wash painting is challenging.

I have a page of small things that I do not have images of.


< Stipple of Gary Oldman count Dracula and Tim Curry as Pennywise (not pictured.)

> Zombies – Inktober 2017. This was helped along by a few suggestions from a friend. Brain Flakes are Greeeeaat!


< Wishing Well – Something not really weird, but fun and pretty.


Krampus and Santa – My spouse modeled for both of these. The Santa one weirds him out because he does not have blue eyes or a flowing white beard. Sometimes the little things are what throw people off.



< Warm wishes – I just wanted to draw skeletal hands and a flower. It COULD represent the past giving a warm gift or something similar.

> Rudolph – what is Christmas without the red nosed reindeer



< Skull wreath – I like this one a lot. It was fun and a different style than I normally use with the muted colors.

> Birch Wreath – this one has gold leaf and is extra shiny. No prints of this will ever be made because it looks horrible when photographed. It looks awesome in person, and would look amazing on a wall or framed on the mantle.


< Christmas Story – another Gouache painting. Some happy Great horned owls reading a Christmas story

> White Elephant – This was shared with my Patreon patrons and this is the first time anyone that is not a patron has seen it.



< As one – new for valentines day today. Creepy a bit, but not skeletal!

> Love and Filigree – love is in the bones, not the skin.


< Cat Cuddles – a third Gouache painting. This stuff is fun to work with. This was my "not creepy" Valentine creation.

> Grunge Skull – Shiny new stuff! This was inspired by the Grunge music scene. The plaid background was inspired by the shirt Curt Cobain wore in a bunch of photos I found.



< Metal Skull – Simple and fun,j plus he has some metal head friends in the back ground.

> Rap Skull – he has gold leaf bling! As real as I could get. There is a lot of gold on this one, splatters of metallic gold paint in the background to.


< Disco skull- so colorful. I was worried it might not turn out.

> PunkRock Skull – the first of the series and my favorite. The hair was so much fun to paint.

That is all that is in my portfolio.

I have several originals that are NOT in here, because I framed them.

Dark Guardian, Fixate, Haunted Dryad, and Pickle, that I can think of off the top of my head.

I will do one for my acrylic paintings once I figure out the logistics of that.

Again these are all for sale, if you are interested in giving one of these awesome creations a home on your wall or mantle please let me know.

In the event you do not want to READ this whole thing, I did a video!

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