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Self Care

July has been quite busy for me. I found a nice part time job, traveled to Houston Texas to help a friend, talked to said friend every day after to ensure they were doing alright, then came Dark in the Park. This past weekend was the first in a long time where I was able to do things to take care of myself and not other people.

When I am not able to take care of myself I tend to get grumpy, angry, and anti-social (more than I already am.) I do not sleep well, do not eat well, and have trouble focusing. That means that the unhappy unpleasant side of me that is not seen by the world comes out to play.

Self care is important. It keeps you from burning out, freaking out, and doing crazy or stupid/risky things.


Art is one thing that I do for self care. That is why there is a mix of pretty things and creepy things. I do those for myself. The painting with the poinsettia and the skeletal hands, was all for me. I wanted to do it and it made me happy to do it. The one in the video for this week was also just for me.

I also read for self care. I read a lot. I generally stick to fiction. I use reading as an escape for the most part. I will read almost anything though. I enjoy researching the topics for my art and I like to know about the world. I just enjoy escaping from the real world a lot more than reading about reality. Reality is stressful.

The most important thing I do for self care is walking. I have posting about walking several times in the past. When I go on a walk it is usually 6-10 miles. I listen to music and just walk. I let my body exercise and I let my mind wander.

The wandering mind is the best part. The mind will mull over all the things that are worrying me. I either find a solution to the problem or find a way to let it go. I can focus on things that are important and get rid of all the little unimportant things that are bothering me.


I ask myself questions while I walk. I mull and ponder, push and pull at ideas, concepts, and thoughts. I tell myself stories and try to visualize the characters and settings. I also have tons of art ideas while I walk. I can build the painting in my mind, move things around or discard an idea. I practice brush strokes, shapes, and building colors while I walk.

Amazing things happen in the mind when you are able to let go.

This weeks video is of a painting I finished on July 20th, 2018. Talk about a fast turn around. I did not do a voice over for it. I think that music is good for this one.

This is “From the Heart.” Each flower represents a feeling that you might feel from your heart. Not all are going to be happy, but they all make you feel something in the heart area.

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